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As law students you will encounter challenges throughout your career. We are committed to making your experience at Cassels Brock as rewarding as possible - providing guidance, support and, when necessary, diversions. It is our shared commitment to excellence that will ensure our firm's success.

The cassels brock wellness platform

What is it?

A comprehensive program that addresses the mental and physical well-being of our lawyers and law students by providing resources, services, training and support on an ongoing basis.

Why is it necessary?

A positive and healthy work environment fosters positive, healthy lawyers. Lawyers who enjoy the practice of law are better equipped to deal with the challenges of delivering superior legal services on a consistent basis. Cassels Brock recognizes the importance of wellness and provides a supportive platform to optimize the health of our legal professionals.

How did we develop the Wellness Platform?

We engaged mental health professionals to conduct an exhaustive audit of the firm’s mental and physical health offerings. They identified gaps, which we then filled and created the program described below.

How do we do it?

Wellness Curriculum

Our robust Wellness Curriculum includes topics ranging from nutrition to building resilience to mental health first aid.


All associates and partners are provided with an exhaustive annual health assessment focused on preventative medicine and proactively managing issues. All Cassels Brock employees receive an allowance to apply against fitness-related expenses.

In-house Trained Counselors

The directors responsible for managing our associates and students are certified in coaching and counselling.


In addition to our in-house counselling capabilities, external coaches are available to assist our legal professionals with issues ranging from stress management to home organization.


All students and associates are assigned mentors. Mentor training includes personality testing to enhance communication between the mentor pair and a regular publication, “Mentoring Matters”, that provides practical mentoring tips. Mentors receive an allowance to encourage them to meet with their mentees out of the office for coffee and meals.

Parental Leave

Paid maternity and paternity leaves are provided to all lawyers, including paid leave for adoptive parents. The firm provides all employees with an emergency child care service.

What are the benefits?

Healthy, happy legal professionals are energized, engaged and able to provide consistently superior legal services to our clients.