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As law students you will encounter challenges throughout your career. We are committed to making your experience at Cassels Brock as rewarding as possible - providing guidance, support and, when necessary, diversions. It is our shared commitment to excellence that will ensure our firm's success.

Professional Development

All students go through Cassels Brock Orientation which includes:

  • meeting the firm's senior management
  • learning about the wide range of services that the firm offers to its clients via its practice areas
  • an introduction to the skilled professionals, such as the Research Lawyer and the Director of Practice Excellence – Practice Support, who are available to assist students with their work
  • training on the firm's technology from our IT professionals
  • a presentation on our brand and culture from our Head of Marketing and Business Development
  • substantive legal topics (e.g., "Business Law Basics", "Motions")
  • skills-based topics (e.g., negotiation skills, legal research, memo writing).

Students can also request customized one-on-one professional educational assistance to meet their needs.

Professional development does not stop once you become a lawyer. Cassels Brock lawyers are offered a range of learning opportunities throughout their careers.

Real Mentoring

Articling students and summer students are all assigned mentors. Mentors ensure that each student receives a balanced and rewarding learning experience. They also serve as the students' personal sounding board. Members of the Student Committee keep in touch with students on an ongoing, informal basis as well.



Ted Frankel - Securities Litigation

Since joining the firm, Ted has developed a reputation of getting student involved in all aspects of a file. He makes sure to include student in strategy sessions and makes students feel like part of the team. He keeps students updated on the progress of files and invites them along to motions, discoveries and trials. When working on files, Ted never forgets to pause and point out teachable moments. Students learn so much because of this high-level participation. One of Ted Frankel’s mentees summarized Ted’s mentorship style as follows: “Ted actively and sincerely involves students in his work and my articling student benefitted greatly from having worked with him.”


Jonathan Freeman - Real Estate & Development

In addition to being a busy real estate partner, Jonathan is an active member of the student committee and the articling student liaison for real estate. He is committed to the training, development and integration of students. He is eager to encourage students to get exposure to real estate work and has been known to walk interested students around the 17th floor introducing them to assistants, clerks and lawyers. He acts as an unofficial mentor to any student interested in real estate. He regularly checks in to see how the student is doing. Whenever he has an opportunity, he will get students involved in all aspects of a file. Students feel comfortable telling Jonathan when they don’t understand something. He regularly takes the time to explain a complicated transaction in plain language. One of Jonathan’s mentees summed up Jonathan as follows: “Beyond giving interesting file work, he has been a sounding board, an advisor and a friend. I can honestly say that my articling experience at Cassels Brock would not be the same without Jonathan Freeman”.




The cassels brock wellness platform

What is it?

A comprehensive program that addresses the mental and physical well-being of our lawyers and law students by providing resources, services, training and support on an ongoing basis.

Why is it necessary?

A positive and healthy work environment fosters positive, healthy lawyers. Lawyers who enjoy the practice of law are better equipped to deal with the challenges of delivering superior legal services on a consistent basis. Cassels Brock recognizes the importance of wellness and provides a supportive platform to optimize the health of our legal professionals.

How did we develop the Wellness Platform?

We engaged mental health professionals to conduct an exhaustive audit of the firm’s mental and physical health offerings. They identified gaps, which we then filled and created the program described below.

How do we do it?

Wellness Curriculum

Our robust Wellness Curriculum includes topics ranging from nutrition to building resilience to mental health first aid.


All associates and partners are provided with an exhaustive annual health assessment focused on preventative medicine and proactively managing issues. All Cassels Brock employees receive an allowance to apply against fitness-related expenses.

In-house Trained Counselors

The directors responsible for managing our associates and students are certified in coaching and counselling.


In addition to our in-house counselling capabilities, external coaches are available to assist our legal professionals with issues ranging from stress management to home organization.


All students and associates are assigned mentors. Mentor training includes personality testing to enhance communication between the mentor pair and a regular publication, “Mentoring Matters”, that provides practical mentoring tips. Mentors receive an allowance to encourage them to meet with their mentees out of the office for coffee and meals.

Parental Leave

Paid maternity and paternity leaves are provided to all lawyers, including paid leave for adoptive parents. The firm provides all employees with an emergency child care service.

What are the benefits?

Healthy, happy legal professionals are energized, engaged and able to provide consistently superior legal services to our clients.


A Culture of Diversity

A diverse environment is a rich environment, and an open, inclusive atmosphere benefits everyone who works within it. Fostering such an environment enables us to respond with a greater agility to the challenges faced by our clients in a diverse, multicultural world.

Our goal is to always exceed client expectations and be the most attractive place to work. We achieve this because we recruit, retain, reward and develop our people with regard to their abilities and contributions and without reference to their background, gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, political belief or disability.

Our mission is to attract, retain and promote individuals of exceptional ability and talent from as broad a range of backgrounds as possible.

Although management provides the leadership framework and associated policies, it is the responsibility of everyone at Cassels Brock to sustain a culture that supports principles of diversity and inclusivity.

“Diversity” means treating everyone fairly and consistently, regardless of background, gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, political belief or disability. The firm will do its best to tap into cultural differences to achieve organizational success and support staff satisfaction.

Our Key Goals

  • to promote and maintain a working environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect
  • to ensure that everyone is aware of their own personal responsibility regarding the principles of diversity
  • to provide and communicate clear employment policies and ensure that they are applied fairly
  • to ensure consistency and fairness in all of our human resources processes
  • to ensure that any failure to adhere to these principles is dealt with promptly, and where possible, action is taken

There is both a business and moral imperative in supporting diversity at Cassels Brock. To achieve both goals, we need to do the following:

  • hire from the widest possible pool to attract high quality individuals
  • motivate our people by providing a supportive culture where everyone feels that they are treated fairly and can do their best
  • offer clients ideas and solutions that can only come from tapping a broad base of talent
  • ensure we comply with all relevant legislation

Our Diversity Committee if charged with the responsibility of implementing this policy.

Affinity Groups

The Diversity Committee at Cassels Brock is proud to have implemented a policy pursuant to which all firm members who share a common background or personal characteristic (and their allies or supporters) may form an affinity group to support, champion and mentor one another. The goal of affinity groups is to provide a supportive environment in the workplace that encourages mentorship and peer support, as well as networking, business development and professional development opportunities, as appropriate, among firm members who identify with a shared personal characteristic or background. Firm members who share a particular personal characteristic or background that has created historical disadvantages, as well as their allies, are encouraged to form and/or join an affinity group formed for that group. Three affinity groups are currently active at the firm, a Black Affinity Group, an LGBT Affinity Group and an Asian Affinity Group.

Black Affinity Group

The Black Affinity Group is a resource to all members of Cassels Brock and is committed to, among other initiatives, promoting and supporting the recruitment, retention and career advancement of black members of Cassels Brock, increasing awareness and visibility of diversity issues, providing mentoring and guidance, and encouraging participation in events and dialogue that impact the black community.  The Black Affinity Group meets at least bi-monthly and all firm members are welcome to attend. Meet the Chair of the Black Affinity Group: Suhuyini Abudulai.

LGBT Affinity Group

The LGBT Affinity Group welcomes all firm members who identify as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transsexual, as well as all firm members who wish to be active as an ally to the Firm's LGBT members, to attend meetings and events to support one another's career development and discuss issues particular to the LGBT community. The main goal of the LGBT Affinity Group is to ensure the firm has created and continues to foster an environment where all LGBT members are enabled and motivated to succeed to their maximum potential, while being comfortable bringing their full and complete selves to work. The LGBT Affinity Group also works to support the recruitment, retention and promotion of LGBT talent to and within the firm. The LGBT Affinity Group meets at least bi-monthly and all firm members are welcome to attend. Meet the Chair of the LGBT Affinity Group: Peter Sullivan.  

Asian Affinity Group

The Asian Affinity Group is a resource to all members of Cassels Brock and is committed to, among other initiatives, promoting and supporting the recruitment, retention and career advancement of Asian members of Cassels Brock, increasing awareness and visibility of diversity issues, providing mentoring and guidance, and encouraging participation in events and dialogue that impact the Asian community. The Asian Affinity Group meets at least bi-monthly and all firm members are welcome to attend. Meet the Co-Chairs of the Asian Affinity Group: Deepak Gill and Shaun Khullar.


Law Firm Diversity and Inclusion Network

Cassels Brock is a signatory to the Statement of Principles of the Law Firm Diversity and Inclusion Network (LFDIN). In signing this document we have agreed to work together to promote diversity and encourage a culture of inclusion not only inside these firms, but in the broader legal profession as well. A copy of LFDIN's statement of principles can be found here.

Diversity and inclusion are core values of LFDIN members. Each signatory believes that valuing and enhancing diversity and inclusion will assist in attracting and retaining the best talent to better serve clients and assist in expanding the constantly evolving global marketplace. LFDIN members undertake to practice and advance diversity and inclusion by:

  • sharing ideas for the promotion of diversity and inclusion in connection with recruitment, retention and advancement within law firms
  • working with Legal Leaders for Diversity and other general counsel, law departments, business leaders and professional associations in their efforts to advance diversity and inclusion
  • supporting outreach programs in law schools and the broader community
  • promoting thought leadership and constructive dialogue on issues of diversity and inclusion
  • evaluating our efforts

Diversity Training

Cassels Brock provides diversity training to all employees and lawyers of the firm on a regular basis. We worked with the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Equity Advisor to develop tailor-made training that would resonate with our firm and help our lawyers and staff recognize diversity issues and make respectful choices when dealing with each other, our clients and the public.

We also regularly work with a diversity specialist to deliver programs to our lawyers and students to raise awareness of diversity issues in a variety of forums, including hiring decisions. Diversity training is part of our summer law student training program.