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A REAL FUTURE: Choosing the law firm where you will begin your career is a defining point in determining your future. It is important to choose carefully, ask questions, delve into firm histories, and experience their cultures. Above all, take note of the qualities that make each firm unique. We recognize that your success as a lawyer, and our success as a firm, lie in a shared commitment to excellence. By serving our clients to the best of our abilities and striving to be at the forefront of legal innovation, our commitment has always served us well.   REAL LAW: Cassels Brock has been a trusted name in the Canadian legal world for nearly 120 years. Beyond our historical merits, we are also a firm prepared for the legal challenges of the future. Our firm provides services in a diverse range of traditional and leading edge practice areas. We count among our lawyers many recognized experts in an impressive array of fields. In addition, the varying skills of our lawyers ensure that we deliver the depth of experience and knowledge our clients require.

Summer Program

The summer program is designed to meet the students' personal learning objectives. Students are encouraged to work with a broad range of lawyers.

Each summer student is assigned a mentor, who introduces the student to the demands and busy pace of a downtown Toronto or Vancouver law office and ensures that the student receives interesting and stimulating work. Mentors are also responsible for providing students with evaluation and feedback.

Articling Program

Toronto: Our students complete three rotations working on various files with different lawyers. The three rotations are chosen from a list of four, as follows:
  • Advocacy, including: Administrative; Class Actions; Commercial Litigation; Construction Litigation; Employment & Labour; Municipal, Planning & Environmental; and Securities Litigation
  • Business Law, including: Competition; Franchise; Intellectual Property & Entertainment; Mining; M&A; Securities; and Tax
  • Financial Services, including: Lending; Insolvency & Restructuring; Insurance; and Real Estate
  • Secondment (e.g. in-house with one of our clients)

Vancouver: Our students are free to take work from any of the lawyers, without a formal rotation structure. The Vancouver office specializes in:

  • Advocacy, including: Commercial Litigation; and Insolvency & Restructuring
  • Business Law, including: Mergers & Acquisitions; Mining; and Securities
  • Financial Services, including: Insolvency & Restructuring; and Lending


Evaluation & Feedback

 Performance evaluations are critical to ensuring that our students become excellent lawyers. Evaluations are completed on a regular basis to ensure that students understand their strengths and weaknesses; and obtain assistance if they need to further their education. Articling students receive performance evaluations at the end of each rotation. Summer students receive performance evaluations approximately six weeks after they begin work, and again toward the end of the summer.

Legal Analysis and Decision Making Skills

This includes the ability to marshal relevant facts; identify legal issues; apply the correct law; and develop practical solutions to legal and non-legal problems.

Personal Skills

This includes the ability to treat staff and peers respectfully; be tactful; act responsibly; show initiative; accept constructive criticism; and demonstrate integrity.

Organizational Skills

This includes the ability to process work quickly and effectively; prioritize and resolve conflicting demands; manage files in an orderly fashion; and record instructions.

Communication Skills

This includes the ability to communicate well as a writer or a speaker, whether it be internally or with clients. Students will also be evaluated on their ability to be clear (plain language should be the norm), concise, and prompt in providing information or responses.

Salary & Benefits

Cassels Brock pays top of market salaries in both Vancouver and Toronto. In addition, our articling students also receive:

  • salary and tuition for PLTC (Vancouver) and LSUC (Toronto) Licensing Process
  • dental and prescription coverage
  • extended health and life insurance
  • two weeks' paid vacation
  • membership in the Canadian Bar Association
  • fitness allowance